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About Tim Marquis

I have experience creating prosthetics in latex, gelatin and silicone. Using and creating my own moulds, running and applying. Trauma fx, Makeup fx and mask and prop creation.

I've always had a passion for the weird and wonderful. From an early age I was fascinated with comics and its characters from 2000AD to films and horror. One of my earliest experiences was watching a rented VHS of Critters. From there I watched Jason and the Argonauts and it built my desire to create art. I have worked 15 years as a 3D Generalist and starting in 2014 I've been learning and discovering Special Make-Up FX and prop building.

My skills from 3D and such programs as Zbrush and Photoshop has led me down a path and has helped me  rekindle my passion for sculpting and creating effects in a practical environment. I find myself enjoying more and more the process of creating something from nothing and then having the skills to apply it.

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